I am a Toronto-based jewellery designer and artist. I believe it is my use of ambiguous and unexpected materials that differentiates my work from that of other designers; in transforming what most would call waste – rusted metal, industrial, salvaged and antique items – my pieces not only recall the first life of each object, the footprint originally stamped in its creation and use, but also suggest the infinite possibilities for its reuse. I seek to boldly ask the world, “What is beautiful? What is valuable? What might you be overlooking?”

For me, making beautiful and interesting things is a compulsion, and creating them in a form that’s wearable appeals particularly; it allows you to express yourself when you don it. Further, in wearing something made from recycled bits and pieces, you make a statement to others about your aesthetic, your values, and about who you are and can be in this world.

To me, it’s about seeing things in a new light, seeing beauty where it might not be obvious or traditional. And ultimately, it’s about resourcefulness, preservation and creative living.